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d'Amerval, Eloy    Le livre de la deablerie
[Paris, Michel Le Noir, 1508].

€ 9 000

Small folio (262 x 187 mm).  23 leaves printed in two columns.
With full-page title woodcut and half-page woodcut at the beginning of the text. Splendid 19th-century red morocco, signed "F. Bedford”

Written at the close of the fifteenth century and published in 1508, this long poem by Eloy d'Amerval is one of the last of the rich series of medieval dream vision poems that includes the Roman de la Rose and the Pelerinage de la Vie Humaine.
Excessively rare! There are worldwide 11 copies (in two variants), only one is in the US in the Pierpont Morgan Library. 
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Biblia Bibliorvm opvs sacrosanctvm vvlgatis quidem characteribus, sed incredibili studio diligentiaq[ue] ad primæuum recept[a]e per Ecclesiam Romanam æditionis candore[m] reuocatu[m], adhibitis per omnia quàmpluribus fidedignis exemplaribus, nec prætermissis vtriusq[ue] Testamenti canonumq[ue] concordantijs, at fidelius quàm vbiuis impressum, & accurate castigatum, cum exactiori Hebræorum nominum tabula ad capita & libros reddita, cu[m]q[ue] altero insigniu[m] rerum totius operis indice, necnon capitum summarijs in melius repositis. Accessit etiam Tertius Maccabeorum liber nouissimè additus, quem priores impressiones non habebant. Que[m] præterea modu[m] in ta[m]arduo negocio teneurimus, primus statim quaternio patefaciet. Lugduni (LYON) : Typis ... Joa[n]nis Mareschal], 1532.

€ 3000

French folio picture bible, profusely illustrated  
[8],276,[22] leaves : with 110 woodcuts. Large Folio Bible (36 cm, nearly 14 inch)
Three large full/half page woodcuts
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CHAMPIER, SYMPHORIEN   Liber de Quadruplici Vita. Theologia Asclepii,
And other Works: Hermetis Trismegisti discipuli -- Silve médicinales de Simplicibus, cum nonnullis in medice facultatis praxim introductoriis ... Tropheum Gallorum quadruplicem eorundem complectens his-toriam. -- De ingressu Ludovici XII. Francorum regis in Urbem Genu am ... De claris Lugdunensibus. -- De Gallorum Scriptoribus....
De Campis for Stephanas Gueynardus & Jacobus Huguetannus, 31 July 1507.

€ 9000

Early science Post incunabula French illustrated 1507 CHAMPIER Hermetic treatise  
First edition of this collection of mostly scientific writings by himself and others, gathered by Symphorien Champier (c. 1471-1537), 
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Platonis Omnia Opera Cum Commentariis Procli in Timaeum & Politica, 
Basel 1534

€ 3500

Complete the entire work of plato in one large folio

Folio (34 x 22 cm.), Greek text, woodcut initials, later half vellum, with marble boards, Binding starts to detach from book block.
Two volumes in one, 1-690, one blank, 1-433.   
Entirely printed in Greek, beautiful clean copy, only towards the end of the second volume, from page 250 there is a waterstain. 
This is an unusual wide margined copy.
Second edition, following the Aldine edition of 1513. This edition is the first to contain the commentaries of Proclus.
LE POIS, Antoine (1525-1578). Discours sur les medalles et graveures antiques, principalement Romaines. Paris: Mamert Patisson at the premises of Robert Estienne, 1579. 4A (212 x 145mm).

€ 2700

Estienne's engraved device on title, engraved portrait on title verso, four full-page woodcut illustrations, the image of Priapus uncensored but with a modesty flap bound-in, 20 engraved plates, woodcut illustrations, most by Woeiriot. (Without the final blank, title repaired in the margins with small loss to the frame of the portrait, faint dampstain throughout, short worm-track in the bottom margin of a few gatherings.)
20th-century quarter calf preserving early paper-covered boards.
Martin Folkes (inscription: 'this book sold for 23/- at the sale of Martin Folkes Library') -- Robert ?Frail (signature dated 1787) -- W.H.B. Proby (signature dated 1885).
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MER DES HISTORIES L]e premier volume  de la mer des histoires & Auquel & le second ensuyuãt.
Est contenu tant du vieil testament que du nouueau toutes les Hystoires / Actes et Faictz dignes de memoire / puis la creation du Monde. [LES ANGELIERS ] 1543
€ 19 800
LARGE FOLIO 33 cm (13 inch). FIRST BOOK [12] I-CCLVIII, SECOND BOOK [4]  I-CCIV. 19th century binding. Leather spine with marble boards.
A very pleasing clean copy. A few small tears in some of the pages. Worldmap is in perfect condition (40 cm x 32.5 cm) The Holy Land map is slightly trimmed on the left and the right side. read more
Grillandus, Paulus.Tractat[us] de hereticis : et sortilegijs omnifariam coitu: eorumq[ue] penis. Ite[m] de questionibus: [et] tortura: ac de relaxatio[n]e carceratorum domini Pauli Grillandi Castilionei: vltima hac impressione summa cura castigat[u]s: additis vbilibet su[m]maris: prepositoq[ue] perutili reptorio speciales sente[n]tias aptissime continente
€ 3000
Title vignette showing the author reading to a group of students. Title in black and red; within an ornamental border.
Printer's device on the verso of the final leaf.
Colophon: Hoc excelles opus D. Pauli Srilland. nuper emendatum et summarijs: necnon copioso indice locupletatu[m] Lugduni anno Christiane salutis. M.D. xxxvj. mensis Septe[m]bris die. x. Benedictus Boninus imprimebat regestum. 1536 read more
Thou, Jaques-Auguste de. Hieracosophiou, sive de re accipitraria libri III.
Paris, Robert Etienne for Mamert Patisson, 1587.

€ 4500

8vo. 126 pp., final blank f. With printer's device on t. p. Half vellum (c. 1900) with marbled boards and giltstamped spine title. Edges sprinkled in red.

Third edition of the famous "Hieracosophion", the second to contain the third book. - "Celebrated poem on falconry" (Schwerdt), written in Latin hexameters by Jacques-Auguste de Thou (1553-1617), a distinguished and highly erudite French nobleman. "His poem was reprinted by N. Rigault in 'Rei Accipitrariae Scriptores' in 1612 and also translated into Italian [...]  read more

Roussat, Richard. Livre d'Arcandam Occult Livre d'Arcandam docteur et astrologue, traitant des prédictions d'astrologie. Lyon. Printed by Pierre Rigaud. Lyon 1610
282 pages [3]

€ 1300
Richard Roussat was a contemporary of Nostradamus but has remained up to know an obscure physician and astrologer. (approx. 1490-1550) None of Roussat’s works are discussed in Thorndike’s monumental history of magic and experimental science. Each of the work’s twelve major divisions is devoted to a sign of the zodiac and headed with an appropriate woodcut vignette. It was translated in the 17th century, and became to judge by the great number of editions that appeared a bestseller. The most excellent, profitable, and pleasant book of the famous doctor, and expert astrologian; Arcandam, or, Alcandrin: To find the fatal destiny, constellation, complexion, & natural inclination of every man & child by his birth [sic]. With an addition of physiognomy, very pleasant to read.
Condition: Modern pastiche binding. 1-166 on the signs of the Zodiac 166, 167-169 on numerology 170-282 plusone table and two fly leaves with sun signs. Upper margins closely cut but no loss of text.
Condition: Beautiful binding. Paper crisp. No staining. The entire work has scattered needle like wormholes throughout, although not affecting the important Macrobius map (only a one in the map itself).
Folio 32.5 cm by 23 cm.

€ 6600
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