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Important are several inscriptions of the scribe Jo. Ma., on f. 91r „Explicit Compendium theoloice veritatis sancti Thome de Aquino Anno domini M°CCCC°LII° die secunda Junii per me Jo. Ma.“, f. 184r: „Explicit tractatus de sacramento Eukaristie magistri Nicolai Tinckelspühel editus Wyenne scriptum anno domini etc. LII°“, f. 207r: „Explicit tractatus de septem donis spiritus sancti reverendi magistri Nicolai Tinkelspuhel anno domini etc. LII in divisione apostolorum“ (July 15). According to these remarks 116 leaves or 232 pages were written during 43 days, a minimum of 2,7 leaves or 5,4 sides per day. On f. 231r is the remark: „anno domini etc. LII° in die Vilibrordi“(November 7).
A paleographical interesting feature can be found on f. 220r. The scribe ends the text within a sentence and not at the end of the page. Therefore he notes beneath the end of his script „item non est difinitus“and and the text continues on f. 220v. Two different contemporary indices of content on f. 0r, 0v. Old signatures: F II,, note on f. 1r, on the binding: lxxij, 0v: 217a 27637

Hugo Ripelin of Strasbourg (Hugo Argentiniensis, Hugo Ripelin de Argentina) was a Dominican and lived from around 1200/1210 to 1268. Before 1268 he wrote the Compendium Theologice veritatis, the most important late Medieval handbook of theology. However Ripelin  fell into obscurity as his enormously popular work was attributed to his Dominican contemporary, St Albertus Magnus,
620 manuscripts are recorded (Kaeppeli, Th.: Scriptores Ordinis Praedicatorum Medii Aevi, II, Rom 1975, 261-269). The Compendium was also published as incunabula in Nürnberg 1470/1472, Speyer 1473, Köln 1475, Ulm 1478/1480 (see Steer).
Nikolaus of Dinkelsbühl was born around 1360 and died in 1433 in Vienna. He teached as master at the Faculty of Artes in Vienna and was twice dean of the Faculty of Theology and was in 1405/06 rector of the University of Vienna. Provenance
The manuscript has been part of the library of the Redemptorists at Ilchester, Maryland, United States. (f. 1r), St. Mary's college in Ilchester was closed in 1972, afterwards of the Mount St. Alphonsus, Esopus. former Redemptorist seminary and later retreat center which was closed in 2012.
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