Rhodes, Alexandre de. Histoire du royaume de Tunquin, et des grands progrez que la prédication de l'Évangile y a faits en la conversion des infidelles. Depuis l'année 1627 jusques à l'année 1646. Composée en latin par le R. P. Alexandre de Rhodes,... et traduite en français par le R. P. Henry Albi,... Lyon 1651

16 - 326 p. Quarto, 23 cm.

€ 3500

Alexandre de Rhodes was born in Avignon, France. He entered the novitiate of the Society of Jesus in Rome on 24 April 1612 to dedicate his life to missionary work. He arrived in Indochina about 1619. A Jesuit mission had been established in Hanoi in 1615; Rhodes arrived there in 1620. He spent ten years in and around the Court at Hanoi during the rule of Trnh Tùng and Trnh Tráng. He spent ten years in and around the Court at Hanoi during the rule of Trnh Tùng and Trnh Tráng. read more



Bruyn, Cornelis de. Reizen door de vermaardste Deelen van Klein Asia, De Eylanden Scio, Rhodus, Cyprus, Metelino, Stanchio, &c. Mitsgaders de voornaamste Steden van Aegypten, Syrien En Palestina. Delft, H. van Krooneveld, 1698, 

€ 10500

Cornelis de Bruyn, the Dutch painter and traveller, travelled between 1678 and 1685 in the Levant. Unlike other travellers who relied on hear say, the drawings for these engravings where made on the spot. De Bruyn was primarily a landscape artist and this manifests itself in the several fine panoramas which include Smyrna, Constantinople (3), Rhodes, Tyre, The piramides of Gizeh, Alexandria, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Aleppo, Palmyra, Alexandria, Antalya,  and others. De Bruyn's costume plates are mostly of the different types of Greek and Turkish head-dresses.
This book is a LARGE PAPER COPY, and as such very rare. a Normal copy is 34 cm x 22cm, and the large paper copy 40.5 cm x 26 cm. So it really makes all the difference. Large paper copies where also then sold at a higher price for top end customers.
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Ghanimat Kunjahi of Kunjah, "Nairan-e ‘Ishq", (the sorcery of love) illuminated and illustrated Persian manuscript on paper with forty-nine miniatures, Mughal, second half of the 18th century, likely Kashmir or North India.
€ 18.000
81 leaves, complete, 15 lines per page in neat nastaʿlīq in two columns on sprinkled blue and pink paper, intercolumnar rules in gold, margin rules in gold, forty-nine (49) full page miniatures, illuminated headpiece in colors and gold with gold grape and vine borders, some light toning, minor staining, but a very good copy throughout, partially effaced Mughal stamp to recto of first leaf, , 19th century English straight-grained olive morocco and gilt, marbled pastedowns and inserted blanks. read more

HÖNIGER VON KÖNIGSHOFEN, Nicolaus. Erste Theil Hoffhaltung des Türckhischen Keysers und Othomanischen Reichs beschreibung. Ander Theil der Türkischen Historien. Basel: Sebastian Henricpetri: 1578.

€ 2950

Two parts in one, each with separate title page [3 out of 4 index leave.] 1-cccliii, [4] cclxxviij. Last leaf with printers mark missing.
2 parts in one vol., folio (32 cm), title printed in red and black, profusely illustrated with over 500 woodcuts in the text (some double-page): weapons, Turkish bath, palaces, tombs, mosques, costumes, depiction of heaven and hell, (sea) monsters, battles, city views,  and natural history subjects. including plans, maps, of Vienna, Cairo and Constantinople. costume Blind stamped pigskin with an antiphon leave.
[cf.Atabey 492 (1573); Gôllner 1621], early ownership inscription on the last leave. read more
Dalvimart, Octavien. The Costume of Turkey, illustrated by a Series of Engravings: with Descriptions in English and French. London 1802. Tekst in French and English
From the preface: 'The Drawings, from which these plates have been engraved, were made on the spot, about four years ago, by Monsieur Dalvimart, and may be depended upon for their correctness. They have been most accurately attended to in the progress of the engraving; and each impression has been carefully coloured according to the original drawing, that the fidelity of them might not be impaired'.
A COLLECTION OF 60 SUPERB HANDCOLORED PRINTS in a Splendid red morocco binding (a bit rubbed). Edges gilt.
Dalvimarts work is not uncommon on the market, but this book is pristine and the binding is splendid. This work has text based on various sources (d'Ohsson [see lot 123], Dallaway, Tott, etc.). According to the preface, Dalvimart travelled in Turkey in about 1798 and made drawings on the spot. He was certainly in Athens in 1797, but little else is known of his life and works. Colas 782; Lipperheide 1422; cf. Abbey Travel 370; cf. Blackmer 444 (late reprint).
Ferrario, Giulio Le Costume ancien et moderne ou histoire du gouvernement, de la milige, de la religion, des arts, sciences et usages de tous les peuples anciens et modernes... Europe Ier vol. IIIme partie. Milan 1827
FIRST EDITION IN FRENCH, folio (36 x 25 cm), 67 hand-coloured engraved plates, 462 pages. Marble boards, with gold tooled spine with raised bands. Untrimmed.
This is part 3 of the first volume on Europe, containing plates depicting the costume of the Ottoman empire. According to Brunet this immense work was published in 143 parts simultaneously in French and Italian between 1816 and 1834. This section devoted to the Ottoman Empire, and its capital Constantinople is the work of the Abbe Carlo Magnetti. The engravings include not only many costumes, but also buildings, objects of religious and of everyday use, monuments, historical scenes and much more. So we find plates of the Topkapi palace, the Eyup cemetery the Bosporus and the Blue Mosque. The plates are printed on wove paper and bear the publisher's drystamp. The colouring is truly superb throughout.
The Atabey copy which made  nearly 9000 GBP in the year 2002, speaks of 69 plates, but this must be a typo. According to the index there should 67.

Turkiska nationens seder, bruk och klâdedrâgter" (The mores, customs and costumes of the Turkish nation) By Hedenborg, a Swedish diplomat.
Stockholm, L. J. Hjerta, 1839[-1842]., 1842. Large 26 cm, 216, [2 leaves]
€ 1500

46 costume prints, hand coloured. Plus one black and white engravings. Map. Charming romantic binding. Original printed wrappers bound in. Missing the portrait of Hedenborg ?
9 of the engravings, carry contemporary or near contemporary annotations, explaining the function of the several Ottoman court dignitaries. Atabey 567. Blackmer 800. Not in Lipperheide or Colas
Life on the Bosphorus. Doings in the City of the Sultan, Turkey, Past and Present Including Chronicles of the Caliphs from Mahomet to Abdul Hamid II.
26 cm. [10] 330 pages.
€ 1800
A rare title, profusely illustrated, in an extremely pretty pictorial cloth binding, stamped in gold, with the Blue Mosque and the Tugra of the Sultan. Not in Atabey or Blackmer.
Gurlitt, Cornelius.  Die baukunst Konstantinopels. Berlin (Wasmuth) 1912 

€ 15000

A rare and important survey of the architecture of Constantinople. A panoramic and comprehensive overview of many centuries of architectural evolution in Istanbul.
This extensive scope covers the major mosques of the Ottomans, as well as Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia, Hagia Theodoros and the Byzantine Land walls. The plates depict interior and exterior views, architectural details, street scenes, plans and elevations. 
It is a very scare book, and virtually impossible to obtain. 
Two elephant folio (54 centimeter), 112 pp. detailed critical text on the architectural history of Constantinople under Greek, Byzantine, and Turkish domination, ext. notes incl. bibliographic material, indices, 224 text illus. (some in colour), 205 plates (2 in colour) showing photographs, measured drawings, ground plans, etc. Folio.  
Contents loose as issued in original boards portfolios, spines repaired with tape. Some plates evenly browned (as in my own copy). Few plates a bit frayed.
Catalogue of the Oriental Museum, Great Globe, Leicester square.
London. Goulbourn. 1857, 60 [1] . 18 cm
Original printed wrappers, given the Title in Turkish as well. 30 pages plus one leaf of advertisements, back cover gone.
€ 850
Wyld's Great Globe (also known as Wyld's Globe or Wyld's Monster Globe) was a kind of Madam Tussaud, an attraction situated in London's Leicester Square between 1851 and 1862, constructed by James Wyld (1812–1887), a distinguished mapmaker and former Member of Parliament.
The Oriental Museum illustrated life in Turkey, Armenia, and Albania, with life-like models of the interiors of palaces, harems, bazaars, offices of State, and courts of justice, with priests, soldiers, and janissaries.
This brochure is exceedingly rare. One copy only in the British museum, mentioning a later (1860). The BM copy only mention 60 pages.