While he was in Vietnam, he wrote the first Vietnamese Catechism and he published the first Portuguese-Latin-Vietnamese dictionary. This dictionary was later used widely by many Vietnamese scholars to create the new Vietnamese alphabet, using the Latin script – and is still use. In 1624 he was sent to the East Indies starting in Cochin-China. In 1627 he travelled to Tongking, Vietnam where he worked until 1630, when he was forced to leave. He was expelled from Vietnam in 1630 as Trnh Tráng became concerned about the dangers of the Catholic religion. From Vietnam Rhodes went to Macau, where he spent ten years. He then
returned to Vietnam and spent six years there. Rhodes returned to Rome by 1649 and pleaded for increased funding for Catholic missions to Vietnam. After returning to Rome Rhodes convinced the  pope (1658) to send two French missionaries, Francois Pallu and Pierre Lambert de la Motte, to be bishops who would represent for the Catholic Church in Vietnam: Tonkin (the North) and Cochinchine (the South). And, also in this time, the Foreign Mission of Paris was established.

The map in contempary hand coloring is of special importance since it was one the first depiction of Vietnam. The map oriented with the north to the right, "Regnu Annam" shows the extent of seventeenth-century Vietnam, then divided between two rival dynasties, one in the north and the other in central Vietnam. Remnants of the Cham kingdom, eventually destroyed by the Vietnamese, still exist in the south. To the west, are the highlands occupied by "Rumoi" (upland minority groups, later called "montagnards" by the French). The limited Western knowledge of the interior is illustrated by the large region labeled "Solitudo."


The work is complete, [8] 1-326 paes [1 blank). Rather utilitarian card board bindingin. Title page somewwhat stained.

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